Sunday, November 18, 2018

Central Church Day 6 - Hope Rising

With all of the political tension surround us this week our plans have changed multiple times. Today however God Blessed us, not only with safety, but with beauty and joy, as we served an area in Cite Soleil with fresh water.
Words truly can't describe our experience, but a video (coming out Monday) can merely give you a glimpse at the hope Healing Haiti gives to these regions of Haiti. Regions where many water trucks wouldn't dare to go, and if they did it's only to sell their water, not give it freely. This organization does 7 stops a day, six days a week with 40 territories in Cite Soleil.

We worked hard to love on the community and focus on the joy and beauty in such a misunderstood place. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of rubble, hostility between territories. Yet underneath all the dishovel lies intricate cobblestone brickwork that, "someone at one time took the time to make and lay" for the future. Behind the unclean appearance, lies such an amazing joy and happiness that shines through in their smiles. So amazing to witness with this team.

Afterward, we rested int he sanctuary of Hope. Hope compound rests on top of generations of trash and remains. Hope is solar powered and home to an adult education program, church, schooling, Innovation Center, Sewing Lab, Feeding Center, and future home of a clinic. Mel said it best that Healing Haiti is very much helping Cite Soleil be the Phoenix, "The one that rises".
Below are our Words of the Day
Eryka - Humbled
Amanda - Happy
Nancy - Vision
Kate - Brilliant
Zach - Mustard Seed
Sam - Blessings
Tara - Faith
Melanie - Phoenix
Mike - Teamwork
Melissa - Reflection
Steve - Aprehension
Laurie - Laughter
Becca - Home
Rebecca - Family

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