Sunday, November 13, 2016

Asper/Loween Day 7 – An Amazing End to an Amazing Week

It is hard to believe that our week is already coming to an end.  Today our team did a great job of being ready a little earlier so that we could make the trek up to Grace Village for church.  On the way we had a little excitement due to a flat tire.  Our driver did an amazing job of keeping the tap-tap under control.  He ended up changing our tire near the mass graves.  The other team was also going to Grace Village, so their driver came back and picked up our team and we arrived at church fashionably late.  We were however, still able to participate in some of the amazing worship.  It is such an experience to worship with our Haitian friends at Grace Church.  It is an experience like no other.  Beautiful music soared out from the church, greeting us and inviting us to worship together.

After church, we returned to the tap-tap and drove to Croix De Bouquet for some shopping.  Team members bought a variety of paintings and metal or wooden art.  We were encouraged to barter…so we did.

When we arrived home, some of the team members decided to play football with the neighborhood boys.  From there they went swimming to cool off and then to the showers to clean up.

Because of all the above activities, we ate our last meal later than usual. We ate spicy pumpkin soup…a new treat for some of us.  All of our meals have been delicious!
Our final group time was special because Grace sang and played favorite praise songs.  Our team talked about what we may experience when we return home.  We closed with our ‘word of the day’, our thoughts and comments and finally, our prayers.  Joan
This week has come to an end.  We as a team have accomplished so much, as you have read in our previous blog entries.  What we have learned though is that Healing Haiti’s network reaches far beyond what we thought.  Plus there is a web of supportive organizations, both big and small, located all around areas of need.  These networks cover people from the cradle to the elderly. 
We are all blessed to be a part of this.  Thank you for your support and prayers over the last week.  Jim