Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Asper/Loween Team - Day 2 - Water Truck & More

Today was water delivery day!  We loaded into the tap-tap and made our way across town to Cite Soliel, which translates to “City of the Sun”.  Yes, we felt the sun - it was hot!  And as we took turns holding a large hose to fill the many, many buckets, it felt good when a bit of that water splashed on you :)  I’ve learned what it feels like to be a bit of a celebrity.  As soon as our tap-tap pulled into a neighborhood, there were kids waiting for us at the door.  The “hey you’s” never got old.  Smiling with arms outstretched, they wanted to be picked up, hugged and snuggled.  They don’t want you to put them down, but duty called and we would carry a child in one arm and a bucket in the other to distribute the water to their homes.  

My word of the day today is “Uncomfort zone”.  There were many situations that I faced that made my heart break for the people that I met.    Marla

We had approval for me (Cheryl) to meet with the two boys I sponsor through Compassion International.  So I met with them, their dads and their Compassion project people at the nearby Elite Hotel.  What a joy to get to meet them face to face after sponsoring and writing for a number of years.  Though they had never been in a swimming pool before, they had a good time splashing around and throwing a ball back and forth.  The boys who are 10 and 12 enjoyed kicking a soccer ball between them as it is both their favorite sport.  It was a day that neither the boys or I will forget!  Cheryl

Asper/Loweeen Team - Day 1 - We're Here!

We made it!  We had team members from Minnesota, Iowa, and Florida and we all met in Port-au-Prince. We were thrilled to see the tap tap and meet our amazing staff that greeted us with welcoming smiles.  After a comforting meal, we all need to rest so we are ready for water truck day tomorrow.