Monday, July 4, 2016

This was a final day which included an adventure filled with the unexpected that only a handful of those that were on the trip had experienced ever before.

We ventured off to Grace Village again for a church service at 8:30 am The church was filled with festive, intense spirit filled worship. We all had the opportunity to witness what unconfined expression of love and praise toward God could and should be. It ended up being very influential for many of our team. We all declared the desire to worship God with an uninhibited expression like they did. Tonight we had our own worship like we have the past few days that was a close seconded to their efforts.

The next moments of unexpected relaxation came when we were told we would be leaving church and driving 45 minutes to a beach further east. It would be actually a resort that cost us each 15 dollars to access for use of their pool, patio, restaurant, beach front and the Rave (water trampoline) an inflated runway between the two. We even played a game of sand volleyball, had access to snorkeling (team didn't utilize this), rental for Wave-runners, and just passing the football on the beach as well as playing card games in the shade. The team spent 3 hours at that location and found a joy in furthering our love for each other through the time spent together in a new laid back environment.

The evening then shifted to picking up 3  US interns from Grace Village and taking them home to our complex where they will sleep and venture off with us on the same flight out of Haiti.

From there we arrived home enjoyed some cold cut sandwiches which everyone found refreshing having gone without for 7 days.

We then closed the evening with our own great reflection time that included a challenging word from Trent inspiring us all to1: Rise up each day and die to our self. 2: Daily Discover more truths, and God"s commands.  3: Be a living sacrifice. We spent a great time worshiping, praying and praising God and committing to positive change. We look forward to God responding to our call for action and our willingness to surrender to his promptings. It was a night to remember.

The kids stayed up to speak with Grace, an intern here from Bethel University, which has a been a joy for all them to hear stories from her.

We look forward to meeting up with you back in the states.  Thanks for staying tuned and for all your support along the way! God accomplished much in our time.

The Gang