Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Blood Pressure Clinic, Elder Visits, and Being Blessed

Our day started with a 45 minute ride in the taptap through the countryside to Grace village in Titanyen. We greeted many that were there to have their blood pressures checked. We shared and were blessed to teach about good heart health. The four of us had some free time and great fellowship as sisters-in-Christ. We feel so grateful that God opened doors to allow us to help the Haitian people. And yes, we were having a blast!!

In Jesus precious name,
Kara, Kathy, Nancy, and Kim.

The rest of us spent this time doing elder visits in Titanyen, which means "less than nothing."  We didn't know what to expect! We found these visits to be very humbling and tugged at our hearts. We visited 4 women in separate locations who lived in incredibly poor conditions.Our walk to Marie's "house" was on top of a very steep, rocky hill and quite remote. Each of these elderly women we visited were warm and welcoming and so appreciated our visit. As they sat on a water bucket or stool we washed their feet, lotioned their skin, cut nails, hugged them, massaged their muscles, worshiped, and prayed with them after asking (through an interpreter) for their prayer requests. We brought them food, juice, and lots and lots of love. Who was blessed more?! Ourselves or them? I think it was equal. What a wonderful day showing and receiving the gift of God's love.

With gratitude,
Dave (Spletts) & Cindy