Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 26th, Water Truck and Haitian Initiative

The first day of travel was as uneventful trip which was nice. No problems and a smooth entry into the Haitian world. As we descended onto the island I felt like an astronaut’s meal, fully prepared just needing to add water. The water in our case is the Holy Spirit’s power. Our prayer is that God will be at work in our lives to the extent that it will be hard not for the Haitian people not to notice him. Therefore, just like an instant meal brings amazement with its provision from a small package, we too hope our small efforts produce God sized results.
Today we started the day with breakfast, eggs with turkey, green & red peppers, onions, cheese, oatmeal, french toast, mangos, bananas, avocado, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. 

Had some time to relax prior to taking off to a ½ hour ride in the tap tap to Cite Solie’ over bumpy terrain. 

Water truck 9:30 AM: We arrived with many expectations but so many more unknowns. Our desire was to spread a rich love over the people as we shared water from the water truck and then did all we could think of to entertain and serve alongside the young children some of which are Restaveks (slaves) trying to make their loads more manageable, 40 pound water pails for a 70 pound youngster.

We spent time shuttling water to shanties and playing with young children expressing the love of God in our most creative ways getting ourselves overwhelmed with their desires for love. The minute you would put down one child another the swarm would be vying for your love with the scuffling of others. 

From the two runs with the water truck that lasted about at total of 4 hours we drove onto the Haiti Initiative (A soccer school for students - they participate in the MN Schwans World Cup each year. We spent time in a practice with some students in elementary school and then headed back to the compound.

At the compound some of the group had the luxury of going to a pool for the hour prior to dinner, while four stayed back and played monopoly deal as a group.

Dinner hit the spot and then we spent time as a team praising God and reflecting on all that God disclosed to us and what he was able to accomplish through our willing hearts and tuned in spirit.
What a great day of performance. God was active as we responded with our best effort. We found much encouragement in seeing the team work together and God present his power.

Getting this post on the blog was a three hour effort - Trent and Oz