Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bayside/EP Sunday literally:)

As the three youngest followers of Christ on this mission trip, and since it is the last day in Haiti, we decided to make a top 10 highlights of our time in Haiti.

1. Getting off the TapTap and holding the children, both clothed and naked, in City Soleil with love.

2. Carrying the heavy water buckets from the water truck to the thirsty residents of Cite Soleil, as a         loving act.

3. Caring for the special needs children at Gertrudes and singing "10,000 Reasons" to the Elders.

4. Holding and feeding the frail children at Home for the Sick and Dying Children.

5. The smiles on the individual's faces when we applied lotion to patients at the Home for Sick and         Dying Adults.

6. Eating at the Fleri Boulangerie and Fleri Restaurant; we enjoyed the flavorful monkey bread and         delicious pizza while also supporting the Haitian economy.

7. Giving love and joy to the Haitians while at the same time growing closer to God.

8. Praising and worshipping at Grace Church with the Grace kids and the Titanyen community was a     truly moving experience.

9. The nice, gentle breeze in the TapTap while driving down the open road.

10. Relaxing at the beach and swimming in the refreshing Caribbean Sea and buying gigantic shells.

All of these ten barely touched the surface of our service filled week! It was truly a fulfilling experience serving our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ!!!

In Christ's love,
Jake, Brady and Molly