Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 6: Water Truck and La Phere Orphanage

We started our day off like most with a breakfast of pancackes and fresh mango. We then all put on our light blue 'Healing Haiti' shirts, tied our sleeves and headed out to do our first water truck run of the day. When we arrived at the first water truck stop we were again greeted with smiling faces and kids yelling "potem", meaning "pick me up". The first stop was very hectic as we had to balance the tasks of helping carry water buckets and attending to the many children. At times we were overwhelemed with the amount of chaos going on around us and struggled to embrace the underlying reason for our presence, which was to build relationships and to be at service to the Haitian people. The next water truck stop had a very different vibe. We were ready to pour the rest of our energy into our last water truck stop of the week, and at the end of the visit, we boarded the Tap Tap knowing we had done just that.
Next we stopped back at the guest house to wash up and get ready for a visit to Le Phere's, a local Orphanage. Our hearts were filled with reassurance when we witnessed the loving community that pastor Le Phere had built there. The constant smiles on their faces were evidence of the love that they shared. Near the end of our visit at Le Phere, the children proudly asked us if they could sing some songs before we left. With smiles from ear to ear, they recited songs and verses for us, touching all of our hearts. Boarding the Tap Tap once again, we headed to our last stop of the day, Fleuri, the cafe run by Grace Village. Here we ate dinner and were able to support the transtion students of Grace Village as they worked as our waiters. It is amazing to see the progress in Grace Village and these young men that we had the privilage of meeting. This week has been an emotional roller coaster in which all of our lives have been changed forever. Words cannot describe this week but we know that beautiful things are being done in Haiti and we hope to continue to see it flouirsh.

Signing out,

-Lauryn, Zach   & Johnny