Saturday, May 25, 2019

Day Six - Elders and Pizza

It’s Ms. Allison writing today. Today we visited four elders from Hope Church. This is one of my favorite acts of kindness we do in Haiti. These four ladies live in extremely small living quarters with several family members. Each one of these ladies greeted us with a kiss on the cheek and invited us into their homes. We washed their arms and feet, put lotion on them, and painted their nails. Some of the group sang worship music outside while Brother Jacob played guitar. The more we sang, the more neighbors came and joined us. Then we took the ladies’ pictures with their grandkids. We left them with the picture and wished them “bon fet mama” because tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Haiti.

We then went to Rosie’s Boutique for some shopping and a cool treat – ice cream and iced coffee. Last stop of the day was Fleri Resto, which is a bakery that makes homemade bread, pastries, and THE BEST pizza. I love this place because of what God is doing here. The young man that manages the bakery, Jake, was called by God to use his business degree to help the Haitians. He uses Haitian people and products to operate the bakery. The people are so proud of their product and to have a job to support their families.

As our week is coming to an end, we’re reflecting on our time here. We agree we’re all glad we came and can be a small part in God’s big plan for Haiti.