Saturday, November 12, 2016

Asper/Loween Team - Day 6 - God Be With Us

Today was a beautiful day of giving, nice weather and camaraderie amongst the team.  We started out the day with a great breakfast and then left for an orphanage called “Dios” which means God.  Dios is a special needs orphanage.  We didn’t quite know what to expect by going there.  We were blessed when we got there.  Dios is a 27 bed orphanage ranging from a 5 month old on up.  God was in the face of each kid.  We did an activity with them of making papillon or in other words butterflies from a coffee filters and pipe cleaners.  Most of the kids drew on them, some needed assistance.  After the butterfly activity we brought out soccer balls, bubbles and a coloring book.  We could hear high pitched squeals coming from the children.  Some of the Healing Haiti teammates played soccer. Some of the Healing Haiti teammates colored with the kids.  And, some of the Healing Haiti teammates blew bubbles.  The children were very sweet and cooperative.  As the activities were in progress one of the teammates played guitar and sang songs.  My personal favorite was a special needs child who really didn’t seem able to participate in much rocked to the music and held my fingers as the music was playing.  We left after the activities.  The kids hugged us good bye with at least a couple of kids very sad to see us go.  

Off to Haiti Baptist Mission

After leaving Dios we headed to Haiti Baptist Mission.  Haiti Baptist Mission Consists of a tiny zoo.  Some of the animals were an Alligator, an Iguana, A Peacock etc., there was a Noah's Ark shaped playground.  One of the only playgrounds that I've seen in Haiti.  There was a hospital where we gave out care packages and smiles.   After visiting the hospital we went shopping at their store.  There was a picture that I believe outlined our day at the store:  Love is an action verb.  We also had a snack at their restaurant.   The traffic both ways was horrendous.  There was some kind of demonstration/election thing going on.  The teammates were very patient during the 2 hour long traffic ordeal.  

We ended the day with team meeting and shared a word for the day.  My words for the day are awesome and gratitude.   We are so blessed.     Kim