Monday, November 19, 2018

Central Church Day 8 - Don't get too comfortable

We ended this trip very much the same as how we started it, with childlike and teacher behavior, then unity in love and joy.

As we gathered our things together the leaders were, once again, packing and repacking. The team was also once again, giggly, chatting about sleep, and packing. We played our last round of ladder golf where Becca and I were the proud winners. 

Then it was time to get on the tap tap. Before we did though we gathered in front with the Healing Haiti staff to pray with them one final time. The leaders were relaxed and rested, the team was focused. Michael led us in prayer for Blessings for the staff and safe travels. we said our goodbyes, and took many many pictures. 

The streets were much different than when we arrived. Like driving on a rural Maine dirt road in the middle of the night, so was the silence on the streets of Port au Prince. We thanked our new friends and were ready for the very long ride "home". 

The team did real good getting through Haiti customs. We acted like pros. Then came New York. THAT was pretty tough. With line after line, we were trying to follow one another. Then navigate new technology, some easier than others (I did not do very well). All the while trying to figure out where we were to go next which was frustrating. You know the saying, "too many chefs in the kitchen"? Well for every one person who asked a question, two more would answer independently. It's like we completely lost track of ourselves for a moment. We rerouted the frustrations and finally found our gate. So comes the 6 hour wait. 
Like Gods timing, it is always in the waiting that the Lord works His magic. It was in the waiting that Jesus blessed every single one of us to come here. It was in the waiting that He showed us our individual purposes and gifts. Now it is in the waiting that He is preparing our hearts for reentry. As I sit here and listen to everyone interact for one last as a group, I know I will miss my Brothers and Sisters in Christ with all their individuality that the Lord has created them for. I will feel joy every time I remember our time together, and I also have fear though, though that we will get too comfortable too quickly and not remember all that we experienced. My prayer is that we all remember to get our of our comfort zone to talk to and live our lives the way God calls us to.

Dearest Jesus, 
You have provided for us and Blessed us in every possible way during this trip. I intentionally pray for Your memory and wisdom. That as we start to get more comfortable in the life you have provided, You give us gently reminders how we must work to be uncomfortable for your teachings. Continue to humble our hearts and develop the thirst for Your love and grace. Father, please take the person we were, and the love we have now, to mold it into the person we are predestined to be for Your Kingdom. Thank You for showing us, through Healing Haiti, what can be accomplished by simply trusting Your way and loving others in a very practical way through Jesus. 
In You most Loving Name I pray,
As one Mind, One Voice, One smell, and One Spirit we all praise You as we shout out:

p.s.  THANK YOU Sam for your gift of blogging for our team.  You have created one important piece of our memories in Haiti 2018.  Thank you God for keeping us safe and returning us to our loved ones and friends in Christ.  I am so proud of this team.  Each one has grown in Christ and are now are a family of individuals that have an unique experience with God together.  God is not only good, He is the great provider of salvation to all of us.   Thank you to all of our viewers for following our short journey.  You cannot appreciate the personal milestones each of us made in our walk with Jesus. We can only hope you have seen a glimpse of God's miracles.  I encourage all of you to consider if God is calling you to this type of ministry through a mission to the nations of the world.  It certainly has been a life changing experience for me.   Glwa pou Bondye! Mike

Central Church Day 7 - Day of Rest

Due to the heightened security around the protest, we stayed on the compound today. I know this day was a big day of worry for our family back home. I can assure you that we were in the very best care, and even walked to the local hotel for a dip in the pool. 

In the morning we gathered to hear the Word from Melissa and Kate. Melissa shared about the parable of the mustard seed.Then Kate shared how important it is to be in the front of Gods cupboard (like your favorite cup is to you) so you can be used many time over for multiple tasks. Both sermons shared how important it is to strive to grow in Christ and have His Word rest in your heart. When that happens, You can be used in this life so much more than you ever imagine. 
Below are our Words of the Day
Mike - Family
Melissa - Journey
Steve - Mission
Mel - Bittersweet
Eryka - Anxios
Becca - Grateful
Amanda - Encouraging
Nancy - Rest
Zach - Fullfilled
Laurie - Home
Tara - Friends
Rebecca - Reflection
Sam - Prepare
Kate - Silent