Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hosanna Youth Team - Day 6

Hello friends and family!

We started this day off with yet another incredible breakfast. We left around 9:30, but we barely got out the gates of the guest house before we got stuck in the mud. Again. Luckily, we were pulled out by the construction crew. Off to a rocky start, we headed out to the metal market, which was about an hour away from the guest house. Many of us might have gone a bit over board on spending there because the things that they created were incredible. After our little shopping spree, we headed out to our last orphanage, which was an hour back towards the guest house (so lots of time to think and process this trip as we traveled in the tap-tap). When we arrived at the LaPhare orphanage, we were greeted by about 20 smiling children and the man who runs the orphanage. We told them the faith lesson and then played with lots of chalk. The man who runs the orphanage was full of gratefulness and smiles the whole time we were there. He continually wanted to bless us for blessing him and his children. He even gave a few of us some bracelets that the kids had made. Even though Kara insisted that she pay for them, he would not accept any money. Later, we walked over to the community church that was run by the same man in charge of the orphanage, which was absolutely gorgeous and simple, and we sang the song "Holy Spirit" over his church, and prayed a huge blessing over him and his church. After leaving the orphanage, we headed to a Haitian grocery store where many of us bought ice cream, and Kara also bought a cake for Audrey's birthday today. We finished the day off with a delicious meal of pasta, and later lit candles on the cake and sang to Audrey for her birthday. Now, off to play some bananagrams and get some sleep before our last full day tomorrow!
God bless!

-Jaiden and Rachel