Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Day 2: Water Truck and Home for Sick and Dying Babies

Bonswa from the Guetter family! Courtney, Becky, and Steve Guetter are back in Haiti, and we couldn't be more excited!

Travel day was good, but we were excited today to get out into the mission field! We had a fabulous day delivering water to Cite Sole; getting a tour of Hope church, Hope school, and Hope clinic; and feeding babies at The Home for Sick and Dying Babies.

We could not believe the progress Healing Haiti has made since only 3 years ago! The Hope school has expanded significantly! Since we've been back, Hope has added a clinic that treats the Cite Sole community and implemented advancements in technology for their school, such as iPads, interactive Smart TV's, and a sewing unit. It was so nice seeing many more smiles at Hope than in 2016; these facilities are definitely giving the Haitian people more HOPE and joy!

It was really cool to see Haitian parents who live in Cite Sole invest in their child's education by coming to conferences to reflect on their child's academic progress. We also enjoyed listening to Alicia Rose, the assistant Hope Clinic manager, talk about what she is hearing from the children about the impact that the Healing Haiti missionaries have on the each of them. Sometimes we as volunteers feel like the love we give the Haitians for a short amount of time isn't enough, but hearing Alicia describe the testimonies of the little Haitians' positive experiences with hard-working, affection by us delivering water and loving on the kids, made all the difference and gave us encouragement that what we are doing down here matters. We also enjoyed hearing from Smith and Ash about how God is working in their lives through Healing Haiti to teach the Haitian children and make a difference in their lives as well as our lives as volunteers.

The day continued as we finished up delivering water in the afternoon before heading back to the guest house to change quick and get ready for The Home for Sick and Dying Babies. At the Home, we first fed babies their evening meal. It was a new experience for many of us, who have never really interacted with or cared for babies before. Then, after feeding, we played and made a whole bunch of new friends! It was inspiring to see the loving care that was provided for sick children and the joy on the faces of sick kids.

We look forward to what the Lord Has in store for us tomorrow!

Love, The Guetter Family.