Thursday, July 25, 2019

Day 4: Elder Visits

We started the morning by going to the Artisan's sale; a sale put on by local Haitians. After that, the next stop was visiting 5 elders. Here is where we got the opportunity to wash each elder's feet, lotion them, sing praise and worship songs with them, and finish by praying for them. The Guetter family was able to wash the feet of the elder woman in which they have been sponsoring. We were able to see their home and ask questions about their life, which was very humbling for us all. Many of us were stretched out of our comfort zone (in a good way) with the opportunity to wash feet just as Jesus did.

The next stop for us today was Rosie's where we shopped and got some refreshments. After that, we were privileged with the chance to visit Grace Village. Here we got a tour and colored with chalk or played basketball with the kids.

Our last stop was to Fleri Resto. It is a local bakery that has an amazing story of how they not only provide for the people of Titanyen, they are also providing opportunities for employment. The employees are extremely proud of their positions and how they are able to provide for their families, which not only helps them, but empowers them.We were given a tour and followed that with a fun pizza dinner with our team.

Today we were blessed with the chance to serve as Jesus did and we were able to see our team relationships grow deeper as well. We are ready for a full day of serving tomorrow with more elder visits and more water truck stops!

Courtney and Talia