Friday, July 27, 2018

Hosanna! Student Ministries Haiti Team Blog - Day 5

AJ - Howdy-do from Haiti!

Today was pretty jammed packed, perhaps more so than the other days. Some of us started the day with a church service at 6 in the morning. Others started their day with a nutritious breakfast provided by our Haitian staff. We boarded the Tap Tap and rode to Papillon Enterprises, a self-producing gift shop. We were treated to smoothies and a tour of their production system. Y’all can look forward to some local Haitian knick knacks when we get home; as we all spent time and money in their hand made souvenirs shop. We spent some more time at the guest house before the team parted ways; half of us went to a Home for the Sick and Dying children, and the other half went to [For His Glory Orphanage*] (<which I will be expanding on now.) We put together our third and final Jericho skit (which the children were very enthusiastic about) and the kids played a game including panty hose and solo cups. (It’s hard to explain.) After this we spent a considerable amount of time playing with the kids, having a blast, and sharing moments. That’s all for my part of the day.

Karenna - The rest of the group went to a home for sick and dying children, as AJ said which was truly an amazing place. We arrived at the home which is run by nuns and there were three rooms full of kids. One of the rooms had babies and infants as well as another room where we could be with the children and then upstairs was a room for toddlers and a little bit older kids. Most of us stayed downstairs with the babies and infants and split between the two rooms. We got to feed the children, hold them, and just give them love.  It was definitely a heart breaking experience but also a very blessed one. A lot of the children you could tell were really sick and some were just happy and filled with joy. The Holy Spirit really pierced a lot of our hearts today at this place and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that we were all truly grateful for. We then all ended the night off with some amazing pasta made by our cooks that was devoured pretty quickly. After that our team really connected and went deeper into our conversations with each other and with God. I can say for everyone that this trip so far has touched our hearts more than we could of imagined and our faith just keeps growing deeper and deeper as each day goes on.

Comments from Blogger:
AJ:What’s up Veningas I miss you guys a ton give Fletcher some pats from me see you soon
Karenna: we love and miss you all!! and mom and dad I'm okay don't worry :)