Saturday, October 28, 2017

KCC D5: Friendship in Haiti

Its Friday and we were all up early to go to a church not far away [Church On The Rock] for prayer services.  It is a huge steel building that can seat probably 2000 people or more.  Morning devotion focused on friendship and our planned water truck day.  While waiting for our water truck, we had the opportunity to got the the pier in Cite Soleil.  It is right on the Caribbean and despite the surrounding poverty, beautiful.  A group of fisherman were hauling in a catch via a ground net and many of our team helped in "manually" dragging the line in.  It was hard work and being done by 4 men or less.  Unfortunately we had to leave before "the catch was complete".  The fisherman were appreciative of our help.  Our two water truck deliveries provided approximately 6000 gallons of clean water to two different areas of Cite Soleil.

We returned to the guesthouse, showered and relaxed for a bit before leaving for dinner at La Fleur in Titanyen.  La Fleur is the bakery and restaurant that Healing Haiti has established as part of their job creation program.  It takes students from Grace School and trains them to be master bakers and offers jobs in the restaurant.  La Fleur offers breads, cookies, sandwiches and fantastic pizza.  Currently La Fleur employs close to 25 people!  We feasted on pizza, chicken wings, and fries.  Certainly a treat.  Our trip home after sunset was quite interesting as we got stuck in a traffic jam due to a overturned tractor trailer. Our tap tap driver was amazing in navigating the maze and going off road a time or two.

Our evening worship time and devotion time (albeit later than usual and full of tired missionaries) was again amazing. I'll started "word of the day".  I'll share mine and provide a little explanation which I think will set the stage for the remaining words. 

As described above, our day was filled with adventures.  Water truck day is always filled with adventure because no one visit is ever the same.  A different mix of team members and roles, Haitians, and locations.  Add to that our unanticipated events and you have an adventure for all.  Our remaining words for Day 5:

  • Photos (lots of them)
  • Control
  • Power (in the name of Jesus
  • Blisters (from hard hand work: fishing rope/ water buckets)
  • Deeper (into ministry)
  • Desperation (of the people we serve in getting the water they need)
  • Anchor (a metaphor for the day 3 ways)
  • Fishing
  • Respect (for the women and children of Cite Soleil)
  • Heavy ( double themed metaphor)
  • Flexible
  • Preserved (saved)
  • Rollercoaster (a perfect name for our adventure)
Our day capped off with 2 more moving testimonials.  Thanks for our followers for you interest.  While we know you can never truly experience what we are feeling and doing, it is important for us to shout out to the world the Glory of God that we serve.