Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 4 and 5 ...Watermark Team in Haiti;)

Day 4 was spent at Grace Village, really seeing with the eyes of hope and promise of all that the Lord is doing for the people of Haiti through those who love Him. There is a clinic, a lab, a school, a library, a computer lab, an orphanage, 4 family unit homes, a church, a bakery, a cafeteria, and fish harvesting...all having been built for the glory of God for the children of Haiti;) Their team on staff are absolutely amazing people and all but 2 are Haitian which partnered with the Bakery is providing opportunity to the Haitians for job creation and provision for the families! The other part of our day on Thursday was visiting the 3 elderly homes. This was different than anything that we have experienced so far because they allowed us into their homes...Aimie led us in worship while the team washed the feet and arms of these beautiful people, others held the children and ministered to the family members there, and some prayed over each one that we could. It was an incredibly beautiful picture of the Lords heart for His a way that completely wrecked every heart on our team. Sighs...He has been sooo good to us in this trip and through one another, we see His hands and feet of Love in ways that many of us have never known. It's powerful, beautiful, heartbreaking and humbling for this team, and we are drawing closer to eachother for it! On  our way back from the elderly visits, we visited the Mass Graves Memorial sight where over 300,000 bodies are laid to rest as a result from the earthquake here in Haiti in 2010. We were honored to hear the stories of that day from 2 of our interpreters... and man... the word resilient has a whole new meaning.

Can't Believe that Day 5 is coming to a close already! It was a busy, yet amazing day for the Watermark team! We started off our day with a 5 am wake up and were gifted with the opportunity to go to a Haitian Tent Service at 6 this morning and worship in a powerful way with another nation. It was incredibly close to heaven! Next we moved onto Home for Sick  Adults. The men ministered to the men and the women to the women. It's a pretty self explanatory explanation...however...none of us expected it to be what we walked into. There were men and women hooked up to IV's, some unable to speak, some unable to move, most all were malnurished and there were many. We rubbed lotion on these beautiful men and women, and the women painted the nails of these daughters of our King.  Every heart was humbled, every heart was moved, every heart was willing... and every person there living at the facility were honored with the Love of the Lord through our team. Many of us, if not , all of us will never forget being allowed to serve His people in the capacity that He allowed us today;) 

We then moved on to an Orphanage and got to love on, spend time with, do crafts with and give supplies to some kiddos!!! They were such precious children !

Welp...we just finished our word of the day which is our team time that ends our days in prayer with eachother;)
Thank you for your prayers and your support!! 
Tomorrow is our last serving day and we are going in full force;)