Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 1 & 2 Waseca Team #2

December 5th 2016
Day 1
Travel Day

Hello friends and family.  Brian and Samantha blogging here today.  Yesterday there was no internet, but we are up and running now.  So yesterday was travel day.  All went good.  Just kidding.  There were plane problems, family accidents, lost luggage.  You name it and it happened.  But hey Brian said it perfect yesterday.  The enemies try to stop us when God has something good planned.  So getting here was an adventure on its own. But as soon as we got here, I’m sure it’s safe to say that everyone felt like this is where we belong.   It was a long exhausting day, but we had a wonderful dinner and slept like babies.

December 6th 2016
Day 2
Water truck day

Early morning.  Got up got ready and sat down to a wonderful breakfast with our family here in Haiti.  You couldn’t ask for a better homemade breakfast.  We packed up our lunch and filled all of our water bottles.  Excited to get our day started.  And parents who are reading this don’t worry. The kids are lathered up in sunscreen and bug spray.  We hopped on the tap tap (truck) and went to meet the water truck.  We had 3 stops today. 
Now (Samantha) as a return goer I knew what to expect.  It is hard and sad and yet very fulfilling knowing what we are doing.  Yet it still hits you.  When holding a baby in your arms and they are looking up at you or you have a swarm of kids around you yelling hey you and they all want you to pick them up.  Lifting very heavy buckets onto their heads when you can barely hold them in your arms.  It is an experience that I can live over and over again and I will always feel prepared and yet never be once I get there.
Now (Brian) as a newcomer. After hearing stories about water truck day from Samantha, I thought I was prepared. I now know that you can’t explain what you experience on a water truck day. There are so many emotions you go through. The kids touch your heart more than you touch theirs. After the first stop, I was overwhelmed with the emotions I felt. It was so hard saying goodbye to those kids and seeing the sadness in their eyes. No matter how much you prepare, you’re never going to be ready for a water truck day.
But we made it threw.  Why?  Because we had our family there with us.  We had God in our hands and feet and we had love in our hearts.  So we came home.  We went to the pool relaxed as a family and then came in to have dinner.  Another wonderful meal prepared for us by our great staff. 

Needless to say we had a good day!  We miss our friends and family.  Cotroneos there is an extra prayer coming your way.