Sunday, July 29, 2018

Hosanna! Student Ministries Haiti Team Blog - Day 7 (FINAL POST!)

Our seventh and final day was full of some fun and sun. We started off our day going back to Grace Church for service at 9 am. The service was made up of a lot of singing, prayer, and a message all in Creole. We had a translator after the singing ended which even though was all in Creole it was amazing and one of the songs we knew in english which was cool.

We then proceeded to listen the pastor talk until we left to go to a resort and swim at the beach and pool. The ride to the resort was beautiful. We really got to see a good shot of the mountain side and the ocean. When we got there we set our stuff by the ocean and swam in the beautiful blue clear rocky water. The beach was not sand but rocks which was difficult to walk but it was well worth it when you got in the water. We then had a really good Haitian lunch which really was worth the wait of the line we waited in to get it. We then finished off relaxing by the pool, playing games with our Haitian drivers and translators which are now our friends, and buying some cool things from the locals selling stuff on the beach. We stayed there till about 4 O’clock until we headed back to the guesthouse.

On our way back we got into a little fender bender with another team’s tap tap but thankfully God had us all wrapped up in his arms and we are all okay and so are our drivers so everything turned out okay. We had an another amazing meal made by our cooks called Shepard's pie which was an awesome dinner meal to end the trip off with. We all closed with pit time and a re-entry activity for coming home tomorrow. The last full day in Haiti couldn't of gone any better it was truly a blessed week and we are really sad to leave but exited to see everyone back at home.

comments from blogger;
Karenna: We miss everyone so much and exited to come tomorrow to see everyone love you all very much and will see you all tomorrow!!:)

Leader Reminder: Families, our flights tomorrow include...
  • Delta Flight DL 684 from PAP to Atlanta
  • Delta Flight DL 356 from Atlanta to MSP - the current landing time is listed as 10:53 pm. Please keep an eye on the airline tracking in the event that a flight gets delayed.
See you all soon!


Hosanna! Student Ministries Haiti Team 2018