Sunday, August 4, 2019

Woodridge High School Day 7

Hey all, today was a great but long day. Posting this blog is the last thing I am doing before I head to bed tonight. This morning, we visited a local church called Rendezvous, swam at the beach, and then had a very, very long drive home in traffic. We have been home safe and sound now for awhile, but we had several evening activities  to do together that have kept me from posting until now (dinner, team time, packing, etc). Because of the unplanned long drive in the tap taps, we sent everyone to bed so there will be no blog posts from students tonight.

Today's Word of the Day for each student are the words that we as leaders gave to them to describe their time in Haiti, how we have seen God move in and through them, and what we have seen in them this week. The leader words are words given to the leaders by the students. I hope you enjoy them as much as we all have!

Sam -- Eagle Eyes
Wyatt-- Davy Crockett
Ava -- Lion Heart
Alyssa -- Sunshine 
Allie -- River
Johanna -- Compass
Isabel -- Campfire 
Ellie -- Pearl 
Halle -- Bestie
Morgan -- Brave 
Aiydan -- Secret Boss
Claire -- Glue Stick
Jacob -- Ocean 
Brayton -- Cannon Ball 
Raegan -- Cardiovascular Muscle 
Megan -- Swiss Army Knife 
Charlie -- Dance
Thomas -- Mighty Oak 
Liza -- Friend
Lydia -- Compassion 
Austin -- Chief
Lea -- Loving 
Mel -- Sweet, Selfless
Ben -- P.M.S. (Physically, Mentally, Spiritually)

CJ -- Golden Retriever