Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Contagious Joy! 10-09-18 Scott/Wermager Team 2

The morning started off by Rudy the rooster giving us our morning welcome. What an amazing way to wake up in this beautiful country. Breakfast was made by our Haitian kitchen staff and it was DELICIOUS! Our day started off by braiding hair and getting prepared for our first day in the field. We loaded up with snacks, soccer balls, jump ropes, bubbles and activities for the kids, and headed out for the day. 

Our first stop was Sweet Home Orphanage where we were greeted by friendly staff. Small children started trickling out to play. We brought out soccer balls, jump ropes and bubbles for them to enjoy. Then more small children came out to join the fun, we then had a flood of children show up to participate in the festivites. By the time all the kids were there we were outnumbered exponentially. If you were not paying attention, you could easily have been taken out by the kids and their soccer balls. The bubbles were a real hit also. The joy on their faces from such a simple activity was contagious. We were not ready for the kids to leave. 

Our next stop was Dios, an orphanage for high functioning special needs children. We were able to spend quality time and connect with them on a personal level. We were greeted by one special girl who gave each of us a hug as we got off the Tap Tap. This was such a great way to start off this experience at Dios. The interactions we had were on such a personal level because there wasn't a ton of kids, so quality time was much easier to have. One boy was so excited to see us he could hardly contain his enthusiasm. He was jumping up and down squeeling with joy, and it was contagious.  We were able to take a quick tour through their living quarters, and each one of their classrooms, it's incredible to see the difference between back home, and here. 

Our team has fallen in LOVE with the Haitian coffee here, we thought we would miss our specialty drinks back home, but our favorite lattes have been replaced by "Rebo" Haitian brand.  Luckily we were able to stop at the local grocery store to purchase some to bring home, along with other treats to share with our families! 

We ended our daytime activities with the home of sick and dying children.  This was a last minute add-on, but God knew it was meant to be part of our itinerary all along.  We went in not having any idea what to expect.  When someone says "sick and dying" you think lethargic, sad, hopeless, and heartbreaking.  What you don't expect is to walk in and see smiling children eager to take you by the hand and swing with you on the playground, or let you swoop them in your arms to dance in circles!  We were able to help the staff change diapers, feed the toddlers dinner, played on the playground, and we were blessed with a surprise performance by a group of children breaking out in song for our group!  In the midst of what you think is going to be a sad experience, there is so much pure joy that it really makes you take a step back and realize, that despite the Haitian's circumstances, as a whole, they are so full of love.  This was extremely humbling, and we are grateful to have gotten to experience this so early on in our trip, giving us the ability to break down some barriers and letting ourselves be vulnerable.

Winding down the night, we were able to reflect on our personal experiences and share them with the group.  It is so beautiful how close we have already gotten with one another.  It has made this experience that much more intimate.  Hearts have been breaking, prespectives have been changing, and our faith is strengthening. 

If the Lord Jesus is willing, I hope to send Timothy to you soon for a visit. Then he can cheer me up by telling me how you are getting along . I have no one else like Timothy, who genuinely care about your welfare. All the others only care for themselves and not for what matters to Jesus Christ.
Philippians 2:19-21 

Our "word of the day" responses tonight were: Surprising, Overwhelming, Word-less, Veterans (seasoned trip goers), God, Love, Strength, and BUBBLES :)

Thank you to everyone following our story and sending your love, prayers, and support.  We look forward to checking in with you tomorrow :) Blessings!