Monday, November 6, 2017

Early Deja Vu


Don, Dave, Bill and Vicki zoomed down 35E to the airport and didn't see a single car on the way. That told them we were all up early. Everyone made the our 3:45 meeting time.

People we met
- Kristi and Erin met a man from Haiti who now lives in Atlanta. He was going back to preach and help install A/V in new churches his father has started in Haiti.
-Several met people in Minneapolis and Atlanta that thanked us for serving in Haiti.
-Dave & Don met a guy on the tram at the Atlanta airport that was from Haiti, had moved to New York for 15 years and had been in Atlanta for 3 years.  He thanked us for serving in Haiti. Gary met a guy that was volunteering his time to explore building a tsunami and/or a hurricane shelter. 
- We met Michael from Healing Haiti that was coming to do video about a hospital/health facility in Port au Prince. 
We felt a part of a positive adventure and were inspired by the connections we made today.

Deja vu - I've been here before. Paying $10 to get into Haiti (seems odd). Chaos at the airport (but not as much chaos as before). Crazy traffic, horns honking, changing route on the fly. Washed out Curbs road as we approached the guest house, purple gate leading into the guest houses. Dogs running around in the grounds, take your shoes off before going in...

Erin and Grant (two of the three rookies) spent the trip from the airport to the Healing Haiti guesthouse pointing out sights to each other that caused them to gasp, and 'my goodness!' each other. The veterans were amused watching their wonderment.

Sitting for our first meal around the large table - expanded to accommodate the record number of participants this year. Lot of discussion, lots of laughter, lots of getting acquainted.