Saturday, October 20, 2018

Healing Haiti Trip, Oct.20, 2018

We slept in a little due to a change in schedule. Breakfast was at the usual 8:30. Besides French Toast, oatmeal, bananas, avocado, juice and scrambled eggs we had cinnamon rolls and monkey bread from Fleri Bakery. (Thanks Deb and Wendy)
Fabrice and Chrissy from White Bear happened to stop in to visit this morning.
   Charlie and Mike had gotten a haircut last night, from the new barber down the street, and looked very nice.
    Then we did some shopping at the Papillon Gift and Enterprise. They have a job creation company for Haitians.  They buy their goods from locals artists and companies. They also purchase clay powder, mix it and form it into ceramic items and fire it in their own furnace. We enjoyed smoothies and coffee upstairs at the Clay Cafe.
   The  " For His Glory Orphanage" was next. (Also called Maison des Effants de Dieu Orphange) There are about 70 kids there. We played  and held them for 1+  hours. One of, our driver and interpreter was amazing interacting with the kids. He had some doing gymnastics and the worm crawl. The parachute game had the kids laughing for 20 minutes.
   Lunch was at the Compound and consisted of snacks and then we had to wait until 3 PM to go to "Sick and Dying Babies Orphanage." It is associated with Sisters of Charity. There were more than 75 children there. They varied from pretty healthy to very frail. After 2 hours of holding them and nurturing as best as we could we went back to the Compound.
   Dinner was a wonderfully prepared spaghetti, red sauce and garlic bread.
    Both teams gathered for a debriefing together to finish the evening.