Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy Reunion

What fun it was to see the Healing Haiti staff at Guest House 1 when the Deaf team arrived from the airport this afternoon.  Several of them had been practicing their fingerspelling and sign language so they could greet us.  

One of the first blessings today was the gate agent at MSP who took our random seat assignments and arranged for most of us to sit together on the flight to Miami.  The time passed much more quickly as we chatted more easily because of our close proximity.  Then the flight attendant on the Miami to Port-au-Prince flight allowed us to move to empty seats and once again we were able to enjoy each others' company en route.

Travel Day starts early.  The new experiences in Haiti and the heat and humidity have tired everyone on the team. The sunsets early, too, and most of the team has already headed to bed.  We all want to be well prepared physically for the challenges of Water Truck Day in Cite Soleil in the morning.

We will add more tomorrow.