Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 3 Water Truck Day

Day 3 Water Truck Day

Today was an amazing day.  We made three stops with the water truck in neighborhoods of City Soleil.  We were greeted to smiling and clapping children lined up behind the truck with their buckets of water. Some of us held the water hose, some helped keep the line moving and some stayed on the sides holding and playing with the children. Occasionally we were asked to lift a bucket onto a head and a few even carried the buckets into the Haitian homes. I (Sue) felt that I could and did make a difference in the lives of Haitians.

After the first water stop we had the privilege to rest at newly opened Hope Church, recently opened by Healing Haiti organization built on top of a garbage site. It was exciting for those who have been here before to see a place of worship where there was once trash.  

I (Pauline) had an emotional experience as I held a little boy clothed in long pants and a sweatshirt.  A face to remember. The young boy chose me to hold him and would cry if I tried to put him down. Sadly, at the end of our first stop, I had to put him down and say good-bye telling him that Jesus loved him. This was a touching experience in itself but what was even more amazing was as I was holding the water hose at the next stop, I felt a tug on my t-shirt and when I looked down it was this little boy’s eyes staring up at me.  Again, he wanted to be held and not put down.  He insisted on me holding him and him alone.  As the tap tap left the 2nd stop, I looked out and he looked directly at me and just smiled.  What a God moment it was!

After the water stops we went to the Haitian Initiative. This organization uses soccer to improve the lives of Haitian children by providing organized soccer practice, schooling and a free meal to those in need. I (Sue) was excited to see the soccer cleats we collected in MN on the feet of so many children. We also were able to serve them a meal using food prepared from Feed My Starving Children food packs. Another amazing experience to see something we are all familiar with finding the way to the children of Haiti.

Pauline and Sue