Monday, January 21, 2019

Team "What if...?"

This morning at 4am 11 people from all different walks of life gathered on this -22 degree Minnesota day to embark on a journey to serve with the people of Haiti.  Just a brief layover at Atlanta then landed in Port-au-Prince @ about 2:30est. 
The flawless day of travel was completed by a 10 minute tap-tap ride to the Healing Haiti grounds where we were greeted by many smiles and hugs from the Haitian staff - many of whom were old friends of our more experienced mission goers.  It was incredible to see the obvious friendships and bonds that have been made from the experiences of past trips.  

A delicious supper was followed up by deep laughter from the group who was introduced to the game "What if..?"  

What if God simply calls us to serve others in a way that makes us uncomfortable?   All of us here have felt and answered that call to open the door to the unknown for new experiences, lessons, and most importantly share love with those whom haven't yet gotten their fair share. 

May our hearts be open, lives be changed, and the love for Jesus be shared by example.