Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 3 - The Beauty of Grace Village & The Elderly

Grace Village, Fleri Bakery and caring for the elderly. Beauty and change are a couple of words that resonate this evening with those of us contributing to this blog. These thoughts and experiences are coming from one veteran (who has been on this trip before) and two rookies.

Our day began with a tour of Grace Village. The beauty in this place is amazing. From the brightly colored buildings, to the hillside setting with ocean views, to the smiles on the faces of those we encountered, to the impact this place is making in the community. From the moment we entered the gate it was apparent that the Lord is moving in amazing ways here. Joy and passion are clearly visible on the faces and through the words of everyone we came in contact with. And there seems to be an environment for change, improvement and growth. A new computer room has been added to the school with iPads and new technology arriving shortly. A garden has been added to grow vegetables and herbs for the feeding center and bakery/restaurant. It was really neat to see. And to hear the what the children and families experience through the facility, school, and clinic. This is a very special place.

Our next stop was a brief one at Fleri Bakery and Restaurant. We will be revisiting Fleri this weekend for a meal. However, we had the quick opportunity to have a break here. Again, it was very neat to see the change that has occurred since last year. New growth, furnishings and amazing food. Quick side-note... I love the resourcefulness of Fleri and Grace Village. To furnish the bakery/restaurant, steel barrels were used to create beautifully painted tables and chairs.

Our primary service for the day was visiting and caring for four local elders. We were welcomed into their homes and were able to spend time with them. These elders were neat individuals. They have surpassed the typical life expectancy and our time with them seemed to be the highlight of their week. We spent time washing feet, giving massages, painting nails and singing with them. It is amazing the joy they had with so little.

With love from Haiti,
Matt, Amanda and Lindsey