Thursday, January 3, 2019

Totino-Grace Day 4

Today was a super long and in-depth day, but we will give you a little update of what we did (in our 20 minutes we have before we have to go to bed). After our delicious French toast breakfast, we headed to Croatian Relief, an orphanage of around 60 children. We were greeted by a beautiful Haitian song sung by the children. Throughout the morning, we made cross necklaces, played sports, jumped rope, painted, and played with a parachute. We were also given a tour of the orphanage by the leader.

Next, we headed to visit 4 elders. Healing Haiti sponsors many elderly people with varying needs. It was very humbling, and us students washed the feet of these individuals, put lotion on their arms and legs, heard their touching stories, and sang them songs. It was a very emotional day for all of us.

After this experience, we got the opportunity to go to Grace Village’s own restaurant and bakery, Fleri, a place where transitioning orphans are hired. We ate delicious pizza, cookies, and (of course) plantain chips, this time with mango salsa. We tried to order some to bring home, but they didn’t have enough. Sorry to all the salsa loving moms!

We had a very good reflection tonight, and journaled about the rollercoaster of emotions that today brought. We all cannot wait to tell you about our days!

Superlatives of the day:

Most likely to be down for getting strong: Natalya
Most likely to write a love song to Natalya: Kate
Most likely to conquer his phobia of feet: Jake
Most likely to start a necklace making club at TG: Tom
Most likely to have a freak laugh attack: Henry
Most likely to become a French translator: Sarah
Most likely to become a baby whisper and make them fall asleep: Lauryn
Most likely to pee her pants: Grace
Most likely to become a professional monkey ball player: Alani
Most likely to start seriously calling people “dearest”: Eric
Most likely to secretly be a “giggler”: Noah
Most likely to major in the game of parachute: Nicole
Most likely to be killed by a game of giant jenga: Ellie

Blog written by Grace
Superlatives written by Alani