Wednesday, June 1, 2016

KCC Day #3: All the Poor and Powerless

Manny, one of our leaders, has an amazing way setting the stage for our upcoming day with music.   The title of this song (by Sons and Daughters) doesn't really describe the depth of the song but the lyrics certainly provided us inspiration for our day as missionaries of God:  "...go on scream it from the mountains...go on and tell it to the masses, that He is God".

We spent time today holding and comforting 30+ infants and toddlers at the Hospital for Sick and Dying Children.  While most are not orphans, their parents do not have the means to care for these children and the children are placed here for whatever time they may have left in their lives.  We had the privilege of assisting in the care and feeding of 10+ toddlers at lunch.  I know I can say for everyone on my team that the children caught our hearts and responded amazing to our love and attention.  We each had the opportunity to provide the human touch of God's love to these precious young souls.  As we were there, it was also touching to see so many of the parents visiting their sick children.  Love and faith was certainly present.

Our second stop was an orphanage for emotionally challenged and/or physically disabled infants and children.  We were blessed by a "vocal concert" by the children led by one of young men who was blind.  As one of my teammates described, we certainly felt the presence of God in the room as we visited.  This visit was for me, one of my discomfort zones.  But in reflection, I can share with you that as I entered the room, two young girls caught my attention and God provided me with the gift of their smiles and desire to connect.  Quite frankly, their physical deformities were quickly forgotten as we clapped to the music and one of the girls crawled from the floor to be held by me.

Lastly, we visited Papillion Enterprises, a powerful demonstration of hope in Haiti.   This effort has grown to employ 300+ Haitians in creating hand crafted gifts such as jewelry, clay pottery, clothing, and metal work that is sold locally and internationally.

All of our experiences are supported in part by the great work of Healing Haiti.   We are fortunate to be able to contribute to the good efforts of this organization through our personal investments.  God certainly has fulfilled our desires to do mission work in his name.   As Charlies ending song for the day says:  "...we want more and more and more of you (God).  Thank you all for your continuing love, support and interest in our journey. We want you to be a part of it.  Mike