Sunday, October 8, 2017

Team Loween - Day 7


Today was our last full day in Haiti.  We started the day with another amazing breakfast and then headed to church at Grace Church.  The passionate worship was truly amazing.  We were able to see a glimpse of heaven in the beautiful worship.  One of our team members had an opportunity to reconnect with one of the children from Grace Village that he met almost four years ago.  As our team member spoke to this shy young man, he told him that even though he doesn’t really remember him – he is someone that is very special and has been thought of and prayed for very often over the past 4 years.  It was beautiful to see this reunion.  As I reflect on this, it is clear that the relationships (if only for a day, or a moment) are so important and the impact of our team members remembering and praying for those that we meet is powerful.

After church, we were blessed to be able to spend a few hours at the beach and enjoy time exploring God’s beautiful handiwork and bond with our teammates.  We have seen beauty in many different forms this week, but as we reflected during our team time this evening we discussed the beauty we have seen in our team this week.
We are all thankful for the opportunity we have had this week to serve in a small way in Haiti.  We are grateful to our friends and family for supporting us and encouraging us on this trip.