Friday, June 21, 2019

Day 4 - Church on the Rock // Water Truck // Fleri Farm // Sakala // Mother Teresa's

Day 4 was a very, very busy day...and although Day 4 can oftentimes bring great exhaustion, the Lord gave us the energy we needed and we had a GREAT, GREAT day!

The day started early. We got up before 6am and went to worship at Church on the Rock - what a powerful service it was. Although English wasn't spoken very much during the service, worshipping alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters was a very special experience. We walked back to the base and had breakfast together. After breakfast, we loaded into our tap taps and headed to Area 17 to help with the water truck. When the water was gone we headed to Fleri Farm and got a tour. It was amazing to see all the vegetation flourishing (even in this extreme heat).

We headed back into Cite Soleil and did another water truck at Four Coffins. We then headed to the pier and took some team pictures. We headed back to the guesthouse and got ready for our afternoon. Many of the team went to Mother Teresa's home for sick and dying children. The remaining team went back to Sakala to play games with the kids.

The incredibly sweet ladies that have been graciously feeding us this week spent all day preparing a traditional Haitian meal for us - what a treat!!! The food was so good and each of us enjoyed it as we know how much of a labor of love it was. There were many laughs around the dinner table as the team time question was, "tell us about an embarrassing moment in your life".

We gathered for team time. Lydia (who has been doing an incredible job of leading our worship time) sang us a special song called, "Nothing Else". Then we all sang "Tremble" and "Great Are You Lord". Because it was a very busy day, our nightly slide show had over 300 pictures! We've included just a few of them below :)

Our words of the day were:
Lydia - TOUCH
Josh - NEW
Amy - MANY
Annette - GIGGLE
Lauren - POWER
Shannon - TRUST
Craig - RELY
Savannah - ACTIONS
Sue - FUN

It's hard to believe we're heading into the weekend already...although Annette reminded us that a weekend in Haiti feels like a weekday :) We look forward to another day of serving tomorrow!!