Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Miracles and Smoothies

This morning, our devotional was about putting our trust in the Lord and letting His plan happen. This was an inspired message because nothing went according to our plans today. The day started out with three team members very ill and unable to get out of bed. As a result, we had to change all of our plans, but God knew where He needed us to be.

First, we headed to The Apparent Project:
This is an amazing company that provides jobs for local Haitians that otherwise would not be able to support their families. We were able to take a tour around the building and see how they make the beads, pottery, and sewing projects from recycled materials that they sell in the shop. An amazing part of the production facility is the daycare, where parents are able to have their young children close by during the work day.

Our team leader told us about a man named Mario, or "The Smoothie King", who in March had been robbed and shot twice in the face.  You can read more of his story here:
We didn't think that we were going to be able to meet him because he has been recovering, but the Lord has a plan and Mario showed up and talked with us. We were able to support him by purchasing bracelets that the Apparent Project makes and donates the money to Mario's recovery. We also got the Mario Special smoothie at the Clay Cafe above the shop. Yum!

After a brief lunch and a check-in with our sick teammates, we visited an orphanage for children with special needs. As soon as we entered the gate, a few of the children who could walk came up to us and gave us hugs. We went inside to see the rest of the kids and were met with many smiles and hugs as we walked around and interacted with the children. Many of the children there couldn't walk because of physical disabilities, but that didn't stop them from scooting across the floor to say hello and get some attention. One little girl had he most amazing smile. When she looked at you, her whole countenance lit up. It was so beautiful. They sang for us and made us smile. Looking from American eyes, this small, overcrowded room would seem tragic. Yet, there was so much love and appreciation for the small things in that little room that we left feeling full of hope and love. These kids truly are lucky because they have a home and people who take care of them.

When we returned to the guest house this evening, we were incredibly blessed to have our three teammates up and feeling so much better. It was such am miracle that their sicknesses were short lived and that none of the rest of our team became sick. So many prayers were answered today in ways that we weren't expecting. We know that God is watching out for and performing miracles for our group as we yield to His will and follow the plan that He has for us.