Tuesday, September 12, 2017

DeWolf 17, Day 2

Haiti Day 2

Our day started with a delicious breakfast made by the Haitian staff.  We then got ready for our first day of delivering water, which would take us to three different neighborhoods throughout Cite Soleil.  We were eager and ready to serve. All three stops were filled with an overwhelming amount of children who wanted to be held and played with and families desperate for water.  Our team worked well together taking turns with the water hose through the line of Haitians ready for their weekly supply of water while the others would help carry the buckets to their homes or just love on the children. 

Each stop was basically the same.  We would arrive and the children would yell “hey you!” As we unloaded from the tap tap they would surround us for love and quickly line up for their water. The children would repeat “poo-ten”, which means hold me in Creole.  At times we would have two kids in our arms and others climbing up us.  We did our best to give them all as much attention as we could. 

After each stop our water truck would go back and refill for the next.  We also got to visit Healing Haiti’s, Hope Church and school between water stops.  It was wonderful to see the school kids in their uniforms and see what school is like here compared to the States. Not many children are fortune to go to school in Haiti, the only ones that can go to school either have parents who can afford it or are sponsored.

Driving through the city here is an experience to say the least. We only saw a few stop signs but they might as well not be there. The Haitians make their own lanes but soon have to merge into one, so honking is the norm. The more honks you hear the faster you better move. They also honk to let people know they are coming. We have some awesome drivers who took such good care of us.

We ended our day by walking up the street to a local hotel for french fries, a soda, and a swim. For dinner we had walking tacos and they were delicious.  

Right now we are enjoying some time as a team talking and processing our day. We all feel very blessed and fortunate that we are able to be here and serve. Please continue to pray for us throughout our trip and the Haitians.  

-Kelsey and Ashley