Friday, September 15, 2017

DeWolf 17, Day 5

Day 5

Have you ever felt that overwhelming feeling of joy in your heart? The one that you know can only come from the creator of this beautiful world? That feeling could be used to describe the beautiful encounters that God gave this team today. We started our day waking up before the roosters to worship with the Port Au Prince community at their daily sunrise service. We arrived as the community was already starting to worship. One song was sung in English and the rest were in Creole. Seeing the way the community came together to worship was an amazing way to start our day.

After eating a delicious breakfast prepared by the guest-house staff, we loaded up in the tap-tap (large truck/van that carries the team from place to place, also insane at off-roading), we toured Fleri farms. At Fleri farms, we walked through the fields and got to see all sorts of Haitian grown produce. We even got to drink fresh coconut water from coconuts we picked as well as picked avocados and limes!

After Fleri farms we took the water truck to Cite Soliel to give water to those that are in need. As we arrived in Cite Soleil the children ran and hugged us upon our arrival. While some of the team helped out running the water hose, the rest of the team got to love on the kids. We danced, sang, and even had a little water fight.

After the water truck we loaded up and went back to the house for snacks and to clean up for the rest of the day. We took off after a little siesta and went to Laphere’s orphanage in Titanyen. The kids were so happy to see us and participate in the craft that we brought. We played with the kids, cuddled the baby (Aly), and played soccer with the boys (Noah and Jack).

After an amazing time with the kids, we headed up to the mountain to tour the mass grave site from the earthquake. The mass grave site is on the side of a large hill where almost 300,000 people were buried after the devastation in January 2010. The memorial was a very beautiful place to honor all of the lives that were lost that day.

After visiting the memorial we took off to Fleri’s restaurant where Healing Haiti provided us with delicious pizza and appetizers for dinner. We took the tap-tap back home after dinner and enjoyed some team bonding time complemented by some beautiful singing by Grace. We ended our night with Salsa dancing lessons from Jean, the Haitian boss man at our guest house.  We danced and laughed until we couldn’t anymore. Such a beautiful end to a beautiful day. Thank you Jesus!