Thursday, October 26, 2017

KCC D4: Obedience

Another gorgeous morning in Haiti. Devotion this morning prepared us for a day of travel outside Port-au-Prince for a variety of activities.  We recounted the story of Jesus feeding over 5000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish.  It was a miracle that demonstrated the obedience of the disciples by bringing their gifts to Jesus and letting Jesus use it to bless many.  We traveled about an hour north via tap tap into the foothills.  Our journey took us into the countryside and shared sweeping views of the beautiful blue Caribbean. Our first stop was Grace Village, Healing Haiti's gift in the town of Titanyen ["aka Little Nothing" in Haitian.  Grace Village began approximately 6 years ago as a vision of providing a church, orphanage, and school in this poor area. From simple beginnings, with a few buildings, Grace Village has grown from the "church" being in the dining hall to a separate church that seats over 200 people, a fully functional bakery and restaurant, a family oriented orphanage with ~50 children, and a school that educates 350-400 students from Titanyen.  A highlight of the tour was seeing the computer lab that KCC helped get off the ground with our generous gift, now fully operational with 48 ipads.  Another miracle of a gift growing to bless many.  We also had the privilege of serving 3 elders in the community with a hot meal, a cleansing of their feet, music worship, and a group prayer for them and their families.  On our way home, we stopped by the memorial and mass grave of individuals who perished in the 2010 earthquake (very moving). 

Our fellow team #1 from the other guesthouse joined us for a remarkable and spirited worship service.  Grace, Healing Haiti's resident missionary blessed us by joining our talented worship team members, Adam and Sam. Well, we have an early and busy day tomorrow, so I will just cap off with our words from today that reflect a day of gifts to us from God:

  • Beautiful
  • Moving
  • Refreshed
  • Hands (on)
  • Father
  • Family
  • Music
  • Reflection
  • Bread
  • Powerful
  • Comradery
  • Emotional
  • Pieces (coming together)
  • Reunion (of Haiti friends)
Good night from Haiti.