Monday, May 20, 2019

Day One - Ready to Serve

Not Pictured: Katie from Minnesota 

The team left Huntingdon, Tennessee at 1:30 AM and made the two-hour drive to Nashville for our flight to Haiti. Even on little to no sleep, no one’s word of the day is tired. Everyone is ready for a week of serving, loving Haiti, and seeing what God has planned. Today’s words are:

Sponge. Refreshed. Fulfilled. Ready. Anticipation. Familiar. Family. Safe.

Our team of eight arrived in Haiti this afternoon to sunny skies and friendly faces. We road in the tap tap to the Healing Haiti guest house and were greeted by the resident dogs and amazing staff. Today was all about getting settled in and preparing for the week. There are two other teams here – one from a college in Sioux Falls and the other from Minnesota. Everyone is eager for tomorrow and ready to serve as God’s hands and feet.

We had an all-group meeting where we went over house rules and an overview of the week. Then we enjoyed delicious tacos made by the ladies at the guest house. We learned that XXX hot sauce really is HOT. Everyone enjoys feeding leftover food to the dogs and the ice-cold soda. It always tastes better in Haiti!

We closed out the night with team time. We read a devotional about not trying to understand everything but turning to God for his guidance. As we go into a week of unknowns, it was a nice reminder to let go and let God. Now Pastor Jacob is playing the guitar, while we sing along…and the team is one-by-one heading to bed. Tomorrow we’ll visit Peace Cycle, Papillion, and Teach Haiti.

Bonswa and God Bless!