Saturday, June 16, 2018

Aspen Grove Trip Day 5

     I'm going to write about my most memorable day this week, given that this was our last day of serving and that, that was our question for tonight's dinner. My most memorable day was Wednesday because of an orphanage named For His Glory. At this orphanage I met a very special girl named Bianca. Bianca was a little girl about age 2 that was different from a lot of the other kids because of her personality. From the moment I picked her up she was clung to me, which isn't really different, but she didn't talk and she did not want to play. All she wanted to do was watch, watch other people play, watch others draw chalk, and look at the play ground but not dare touch it. There was also a puppy around, and I had forgotten that all Haitians are afraid of dogs. I thought that, it was more of a taught skill and took a while to develope. I quickly learned that it wasn't the case when the dog was the one thing that she did not want to look at.
     We finally took a sit after the puppy had scared her beyond compare. As we continued to watch others she saw something that was interesting and got up quickly from my lap to go find it. I was extremely shocked because I was beginning to think that she couldn't walk because I had been holding her since the moment I saw her and for her to just get up and walk was incredible. She went to look for this fanisnating thing only to realize the reaching arms of others to hold her was not the thing she was looking for and ran back to me. She would do this a few more times until I had given her to another girl from our trip. She had met Bianca a few months ago and just wanted to hold her, but she couldn't because Bianca was clinging to me the entire time. Once I had given Bianca to her Bianca stayed calm and just sat with her while I hid away so they could have their moment.
     I really wasn't much of a kids person before I met her. She was the kid I would hope to have if I had a kid of my own. Calm, loving, and slightly clingy. I really hope that if I get to come down again that she will remember me and I can be with her again. Thank you Bianca.

~ Juniper Anderson