Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 3 The spectrum of life

Today was full day. We woke up and went to the apparent project. The Apparent Project was a place of hope for all of us to see. The Apparent Project gives jobs to families that are struggling to keep and provide for their families. The project teaches its workers skills, gives their children 0-3 free daycare on site, 4-5 years old have preschool on site for $10 a month, and finally they have a mini school the adults can choose to learn computer skills and english on their breaks or spare time. This place was amazing. We saw them make paper, clay, and crushed glass beads. They also make pottery on site and screen print the shirts there. After we walked through the onsite production we had the chance to purchase the items the parents were making and also get a great snack. Going to the Apparent Project was such a contrast from yesterday, that there is truly a chance for some to be able to provide a good life for themselves. After the Apparent project we were able to back to the guest house and eat lunch.

After lunch our team split into two groups. One group went to Gertrude which is a special needs orphanage. Al, Amida and Jake had a good time spending time. Al was able to reconnect with some children he knew from before. They were able to play with the special needs children and the abandon children that were there. The second group that I was apart of went to the home for the sick and dying babies and children. We all had been trying to prepare our hearts for this place all week. When we entered into the compound there were two rooms our group spilt into, half went to the toddler room and the others went into the infant room. Each room had around 50 cribs. They were all full. There was so many different issues with all of the children. Some children were able to stand and yell and jump as we entered, and the other end of the spectrum was some children were so weak they couldn't lift their heads and had iv's. As soon as we came in we went straight to work. The nun's gave us bowls of food to start feeding babies. Some ate and some didnt. After all the children were fed we worked on holding as many babies as we could. They all craved love and attention and there was not enough of us to hold everyone at the same time. We all made special connections with at least one child. Our lives were forever changed because of these little ones fighting for their lives.

I had an experience today that rocked my world. I was able to find hope in this special place because i could see children being fed, loved and their medical needs were being met. I was often told that "this child improve". That brought joy to my heart in the midst of all the tears. I then met a young lady that didnt fit with they other. I was in the infant room which is generally 0-2 year olds. This girl was about 5-7 years old and was lying in the bed calling for her mama. She had an iv and was very uncomfortable. I tried to help her but i couldn't understand what she was saying. I gave her a hug and helped a baby that was screaming behind me. I then came back to her and tried again. She was motioning for food and i asked to feed her but they told me she couldnt because she so malnutrition she couldnt handle food. I was crushed. I tried to help a few more kids and when i came back to put one back i found her on the floor. She was trying to go potty in a bucket on the floor and didnt have the strength to hold herself up. I quickly put the other child away and lifted her out of her mess onto my lap. As we sat on the floor cuddling i sang to her and pray with her. She finally relaxed and fell asleep. We sat there for awhile until i was called to leave. It took every ounce of me to put her back in her bed and say goodbye. This young lady will forever be in my heart.

Today was filled with a spectrum of emotions and life situation. We all grew because of today. We all learn that we could do something to change the world but we have to learn that we cannot save everyone. I think that is the toughest lesson i have learned here. If I cannot fix this situation i need to leave it to God and just pray. If you feel led to help out the apparent project you can order online at We still have a few pray request. One of our guard dogs Bacon has ear mites and has sores all over him. The vet did come today but he seems ill and doesnt move much today. Jaimie would like pray for a pulled hamstring and I am still not doing well with the heat and have a constant pounding headache.
In His love,