Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spirit-filled (Friday - Part 1)

Today was day four on this amazing trip. Each day so far has introduced us to a different aspect of Haitian people, poverty, and God's enduring love. Today we began our day with an early wake up call and a worship experience that truly shook me. We hopped on the Tap-Tap and made our way down to Church on the Rock. The building was similar to a warehouse- nothing fancy, yet it was probably the most beautiful worship I have ever encountered. It was a bit outside my comfort zone at first. People were walking around, dancing, waving their hands in the air, and kneeling in prayer as the worship band sang in Creole. It was completely unlike a traditional American church service, but it reminded me who our God is and how we are called to surrender to him. These people gather daily at 6 am to lift up Jesus despite their extreme poverty, economic issues, etc. God is all they have, and He is all they need. As the music and praise grew louder, their voices thundered, and I felt a rush of chills through me. Almost all of the worship was in Creole, so we didn't know the words, but worship isn't always about words. I could visually see the Holy Spirit's peace on a few people in our team, which was so cool.  Experiencing worship showed me how much praise our Jesus deserves. One elderly man just paced the main aisle dancing during the entire service. His smile didn't fade for even a moment. The hundreds of smiles this week have showed me the uniqueness go God's precious creation, and the joy that God wants us to experience, in all circumstances. It is so cool for me to see how God is speaking to each person on our team this week and show us completely different things. I got a chance to spend some time on the Tap-Tap talking with a girl on our team, Callie, about the Bible. She had so many questions which I happily answered, and words came out of me that I wouldn't have even thought of. It has been super cool to have God fill me up this week and have his spirit guide me to share his love with our team and the kids on the streets. His power is becoming so evident to me, through transformation of lives, expression of worship, and the strength of the broken. I have learned the power of the singing "Glwa pou Bondye" (Glory to God) in any group of Haitians, and how important it is to see the face of Jesus in "the least of these". After the service, we came back for breakfast and then left for our day at Grace Village in Titanyen, Haiti. Grace Village is a branch of Healing Haiti that rests on 15 acres of land with a stunning mountain/ocean view. It has a school, cafeteria, clinic, and restaurant. They also have family-style homes for the children in Grace Village. Haling Haiti is very passionate about children growing up with families, and each family home has about 10 kids and a "mami" and "papi". They take in many kids from the community, and the ministry has so many layers that are so inspiring. It is so important that each children feels loved, and that Haitians are empowered to find jobs to end the poverty cycle. Healing Haiti offers many jobs for Haitians so they can support their own families, which is so vital to rebuild families and the economy here. It has been amazing to learn about the way of life in Haiti from some of the staff, translators, and interns. Of course, we have endless questions about everything, but with every new thing I learn, I am falling more in love with Haiti, and our amazing God. His presence is so powerful when He is all we have, which is something that has impacted me greatly. I am realizing that He is truly all I need and more. Every day this week during our group circle time, each of us have been sharing a word that symbolizes that day for them. So my word of the day today is "spirit-filled". Between the powerful worship service this morning, and the Bible discoveries this afternoon, the Holy Spirit has not left us. The people here are so joyful and spirit-filled despite their circumstances, and I feel that as I am serving, I am being served.

Jezi Renmen Ou!! (Jesus Loves You)

Posted by Breanne