Thursday, December 13, 2018

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 4

Hi! This is from Jeff’s perspective of the day.  We started the day loading up twice to go to the elder school.  We started the first load on American time and then realized we were on Haiti time and unloaded before we became cooked potatoes.  Then once Haiti time caught up with the rest of us, we loaded up and traveled to the elder school.  Absolutely amazing.  Have you ever been in the presence of a super giant?  Like a Billy Graham or Abe Lincoln.  We were in the presence of such a man today, who is the principle of the school for elders, which to me was more like 10-25 year old’s.  All the students in the crammed hallways, and I mean crammed, gave us each a smile and a kind greeting.  Most classrooms were the size of my bedroom with 15-20 students.  I could not stretch my arms out because the hallways were too narrow and the steps leading to the top level were a little rickety.  But to see this man’s love for the students, of us, of education was truly beautiful.  I am sure that this man has poured his heart into every student in attendance.

We also toured the medical clinic that was being finished at Hope school.  Then we spent time playing with the children in district 17 in Cite Soleil.  It was a blast playing basketball with about 5 or 6 other teenage boys.  And just so you know the old man can still bring it.  The other’s played soccer, jump rope and did a little dancing.  A great time was had by all.  Just before we left we were able to tour the apple pod with Ashley.  It is the only apple pod like it in the whole world.  It is incredible, but his mission is also just as incredible.  His goal is to teach computer programing to students in Cite Soleil.  He has a 3 year window to see if this will work.  There are so many challenges and moving pieces to this.  Figuring on 160 students from Hope school and another computer lab already set up in Grace Village with who knows how many students.  Ashley has his WORK cut out for him.  But if it was a man sized goal it would be something attainable.  This one is definitely a God sized dream that only God can bring true.  Pray for Ashley and the teachers at both schools. 

Last stop of the day was at an orphanage to tell the Christmas story, do a craft and love on some precious kids.  What do you get with 40 pine cones, 2 bottles of glue, about 900 pom pom balls and 35 energetic children who had just had a bath?  A great craft, lots of sticky fingers, arms, shoes, floor, hair… get the picture.  It was a blast and the pine cone Christmas trees turned out pretty good.  Good-bye!  -Jeff