Monday, December 10, 2018

Meyers/Cornerstone Day 1

I have returned to where my heart is.  It was a wonderful flight into Haiti.  It was great to see the Healing Haiti family.  The road outside of the guest house is finally paved.  It made for a much smoother ride.  It has been a wonderful evening getting to know all of the other members of the team.  We are comprised of 4 from Iowa, 3 from Minnesota, 1 from Delaware, and 1 from Pennsylvania.  Woohoo, I’m not the only male on the team.  We also got settled into the guesthouse, ate a wonderful meal of tacos, and learned of the plan for tomorrow.  All in all, we are safe and sound!  Tomorrow, we will be delivering water and serving in Cite Soleil.  Off to catch some zzz’s, as it was a super early morning! -Austin