Friday, August 16, 2019

Parent/Child Mission Trip - "Contagious Smiles"

Water truck days are by far my favorite days out of this amazing week. The first water truck day we parked at Hope Church, which is Healing Haiti’s amazing property that includes a church, school, and medical clinic. When we got off the tap tap (our truck) and the gates opened there were over 30 kids just running at us with big, beautiful smiles. We went back to that same place today and the same girl I held the whole time the first water truck day ran right back to me with that same smile. 

Alicia, a long-term missionary with Healing Haiti, talked to us for a little bit today before we opened the gates. One thing she said that really stuck out to me today is when the kids talk about us to her, they never talk about what we brought for them or if we will have the water truck with us. They ask about when we are coming to play with them and show them love again. That was amazing to me because they have so little and all they want is something we take for granted, affection. Overall today was a very good and I cannot wait for the next time I get to see the kids’ beautiful smiles again.

- Riley

Here are some contagious smiles from our day: