Sunday, May 8, 2016

Day 6- Watermark Team-Changing Plans

Sometimes we just never know what the Lord is up to;) Today we had our one and only rainy day, and it was supposed to be our Watertruck day, which many of us were really looking forward to. It's a day of serving that demands the most of us, everything we have both physically and emotionally and having it be our last day serving...we craved being able to "leave it all out on the field". The Lord, however had something else in mind. We all woke to rain falling like crazy and what is a burden to us in the states, is a blessing to the people here. When it rains, their water is naturally provided, and they have no need for the watertruck. I say that to say this...God had a different agenda than we did today!

The team leaders let us know that we would not be doing Watertruck day today, due to the rain and that there were some other options. We landed at a deaf children's orphanage and for the entire was more than we imagined today could be. As we all found our place with these children, we got to linger a little longer at this place. So much of our trip has been time oriented because we had somewhere new to go, but we got to just become friends with these children. And in a place where there isn't just one language barrier, but two, God made a way through just Love. It spoke more clear than any common language ever could and we were all in awe of how God moved on behalf of those children today...and on behalf of our team!

We got to simply just be with these kids... 

He truly did give us, and them the desires of our hearts...

We loved every second of His plan today.

As our last serving day here in Haiti, the reality of that settled in, in the sense of reflecting on what it's been. We all went out to eat at Pizza Amore' and I am not just speaking for myself when I say this...tears of laughter didn't stop, for the people on our team until we layed our heads to rest later in the evening. We all sat around the table, and as I sat back and just watched as our team bonded unreserved, and fully ourselves, I couldn't help but find an overwhelming gratitude that He literally handpicked every heart at that table for this trip, for this time, for this crazy sweet adventure of Love.
Hashtags were flowing, stories were shared, laughter rang so loud from our group and He blessed us in complete abundance today!

;) Tomorrow at Grace Village and some team winding down time is on the horizon...

Till tomorrow! Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement!