Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hi Friends and Family!  We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers while we've been away.  It has truly been a joy to have had this opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ, spreading His love throughout the community here in Haiti.

This morning we went to the orphanage La Loo and put on a mini sports camp, performed a Super Heros of Faith skit, shared a snack, and sang and danced in worship with the children.  It is really indescribable to see their little faces light up when we walked through the gates.  They ran up and grabbed our hands, sat on our laps, and just wanted to be loved on.  How cool that we could do that for them today.

We made a stop at Papillon Enterprise.  This establishment teaches parents a skill, such as metal work, jewelry making, sewing, potterty, etc., so they can make and sell their craft at a fair market value to be able to support their families.  They also had a cafe, so we were able to relax, shoot some pool, and enjoy delicious smoothies made from locally grown fruits.

We had the chance to spend some quality time together as a team at a nearby pool and share burgers and pizza for dinner.

After dinner, some of us challenged the local neighborhood kids to a soccer game.  They are pretty good competition.

Our team came together again for our nightly devotion time.  We talked about our spiritual gifts, if we knew of them, or have been challenged to explore what they might be.  We were lucky to then have Grace, a full-time Healing Haiti missionary lead us in worship through music.

Here's a photo of the tap tap we have been buzzing around in all week.   Our friends on staff here - Maxim, Valerie and Jonas have been serving right along side us, telling stories to us of their own experience and answering so many questions about their lives here in Haiti.  They have been an essential part of our trip.

Blogged by Dana Olson