Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cody Team - Day 6 - "Home for Sick and Dying Adults, and preparing our hearts for home"

Day Six: Saturday October 29

The day started with a great devotional from one of the ladies on
our team. The devotional song and commentary challenged each of
us to surrender to God. Not in part, retaining something for us, but
in total, holding nothing back. It was a perfect devotional to precede
our work at Mother Teresa's clinic for sick and dying adults. Our
trip to the clinic was a bit of a problem because the route the driver
had planned was blocked for some reason. We had to double back
for a few miles and then take an alternate and, substantially
rougher route. Once we arrived, I think we were all rather glad that
part of the trip was over.
We split the team by gender and the women went to the women's
ward while we went to the men's ward. Most of us put on treatment
room exam gloves and then proceeded to rub in body lotion and
massage the muscles for each patient that gave us permission. A
small few said no because they just didn't feel up to it. Some were
so eager that they were getting ready before we finished the patient
next to them. As I massaged each one I asked if he spoke English.
If so, we would exchange names and converse a bit. Either way, I
would pray for God to comfort the patient and surround him with
love. When we parted, I would provide a short blessing; "may the
grace and peace of God surround you for all your days and may you
dwell in the house of the Lord forever". Then I thanked them for
allowing me to serve them in this way. Many did not speak English.
But, if I spoke softly to them and firmly shook their hand I always
got a broad smile.
From Mother Teresa's we went to the Haitian Historical museum for
a tour and then further down that street we pulled over to stop and
visit some street vendors. There were paintings, wood crafts - cups,
bowls and such. Some hammered metal plaques and much more I
can't remember. When we finished shopping we returned to the
guest house where most got ready for swimming and I tried to think
of what to write.
Tonight, after supper and the team meeting we will pack because on
Sunday we return home and some of the flights are rather early in
the morning. We return home. Our normal lives resume, whatever
that may be. But I think for most of us a small corner of our heart
will remain here calling to us to return. I know mine will.

Adieu jis nan ane kap vini
(Farewell until next year)