Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sports Camp Day 1

Hello Everyone!
Today was an action packed day, we began our sports camp and it was chaotic to say the least. The kids jumped from group to group which was difficult to deal with, but we modified the games and things went very smoothly from there on. We are all excited to continue the camp tomorrow and hopefully things will flow a little easier.
We also went and visited the elderly, there was a beautiful woman, named Cleli, who was unsure of her age but as we played music and sang she got up and danced and gave us all huge smiles and it made my day. She showed so much joy and love to God and despite her circumstances she was content and to me that is the definition of beauty. I will forever remember her and her essence. Today wiped us all out, more than half of us were completely knocked out on the way home from Grace and our elderly visits.
Trenton fell to sickness as well today he had a headache and is convinced he drank too much water. He is feeling much better but his sickness is the reason there are no pictures this evening. Sorry Folks!