Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 4 Grace Village / Elderly Visits

Hey y'all it's Britt.

We had a day full of fun today. Lets start at the beginning. Ty woke up for the sunset and sadly was the only one who made it out of bed in time. After the rest of us woke up and ate a delicious breakfast we drove up to Grace village, it was about an hour drive with air driver Max ( he is a cool guy). Grace village is one of the coolest places. A long term missionary named KiKi showed us around. She has been there for 2 years and is staying for another 2. Grace village has grown so much from when it initially started up. In our eyes they are doing everything they can to improve the lives of the Haitians and the community around them. This last year they had 16 kids graduate and 3 that went on to medical school. Grace Village provides schooling for around 400 students and housing in family styled homes for 77 children. Additionally, Grace Village has a Stop and Go program for orphanages that have been shut down by the govt that has been reuniting families, some which haven't seen each other in years.

Our next outing on the tap-tap took us to our elder visits. We had the honor of working to be the hands and feet of God today. We provided 4 elders with water, juice and a hot meal. In addition we gave them massages, cleaned their feet, and trimmed their nails. We got to serve them today and feel over joyed from the gratitude they reiterated. Seeing the homes they lived in and hearing their stories, hit home for a lot of us to why we are here.

We then drove to the bakery and restaurant of Grace village. It was amazing to see that they created something to provided parents with jobs so that they could provide for their families. Parents generally do not want to give up their child, but due to circumstances, have to in order to provide a better life for them. Places like this bakery and restaurant help prevent families from breaking up and give jobs to parents allowing them to provided for their kids.

I have no clue if this was mentioned in yesterday's blog. However yesterday 2 new lives were brought into this world. Gracie, one of the five dogs where we are staying, gave birth to two beautiful puppies. As of now both the mamma and pups are happy and healthy. 🐶

We love and miss all back home!

Peace out✌️
-Britt and Lil
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