Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hope in Haiti – Day Two

Greetings from Haiti! This is Abby and Cayley typing. Today, we woke up around 7:57, and breakfast was at 8. Breakfast was super scrumptious (as expected) and we ate as much eggs as possible. Everyone remembered their Malaria medicine, so sending up the praises for that one. After breakfast, Abby made a tutorial on how to brush your teeth in Haiti (It’s a little harder than you think). When everybody was ready to go, we loaded the trusty tap-tap up with our frozen water and our yummy snacks and were off on our voyage for the day!

Our first stop was Peace Cycle and we got to tour the work area while learning the whole process of recycling the water bags. In Haiti, they do not have bottled water but instead bagged water. They use 8 million a day and when done with them, many end up on the side on the street. Peace Cycle uses those bags to make a whole bunch of different products. We got to shop and look at all the things they have made. It’s neat because they are helping rebuild the economy while still cleaning the trash off the streets (Which is something we all could do better).

After Peace Cycle, we headed to Papillion (which means butterfly) for lunch, a tour of their production site, and a little shopping. For lunch, Abby ordered the last chicken nuggets and if you know Cayley, you know she wanted them nuggets, but had to settle for a burger (GROSS). We left Papillion after we finished shopping and started towards Teach Haiti.

Teach Haiti is a school for K-10 children who are unable to afford the other schools in Haiti. We visited three different classrooms and got to learn things about the students, and some students even performed music for us - which was amazing. When we were finished at Teach Haiti, we went to the supermarket and saw some questionable cow tongue WITH hair, unrefrigerated fish, and something that looked like a foot.

Our scheduled plans were done for the day after that, but we all decided to walk to the Elite (a VERY fancy hotel up the street from us) and go swimming. Abby and Cayley had A LOT of fun in the pool (notice the pictures). We finished the day with a nice Haitian meal provided by our sweet ladies. It was a calming day, and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds. We love everyone back home and hope y’all continue to pray for our safety. J

PS- we got to see KiKi and she is doing great!!!!

PPS- Abby knows karate