Sunday, January 20, 2019

Living Waters Day 6

On Monday, 12 people came to Haiti. Some of us knew each other before we signed up for this trip, some of us knew none of the other team members before embarking on this trip. Tomorrow we leave, and head back to the states as friends.

A week of smiles, laughs, tears... we experienced a lot together. Two days of water truck, a couple of orphanages, schools, touring local businesses that are creating jobs for Haitians. If you want to have some great pizza, come to Titanyen, and go to Fleri Resto! You won't find better pizza in the states.

This is my third trip to Haiti. Every time I come here, I'm struck by the poverty. Yet despite the poverty, I see the progress since the last time I was here. God is at work, and there is hope for Haiti. I will be back, and I would challenge you to come! If you are interested in stories, ask anyone on this trip to sit down and tell you about it. They all have stories to tell, and they all are eager to share their story.

Today we worshiped at Teen Haiti Challenge. The service was in Creole, but they passed out headphones that you could listen to the English translation on. It was a unique experience, to hear the Creole, but be able to understand what was being said. Pastor Paul gave a great sermon on prayer. The house was packed, with Haitians and Americans.

This afternoon we had a day of R&R at Wahoo Beach. Splashing in the ocean, soaking up the rays, and enjoying the company of each other. A great close to the week.

Tomorrow we will visit Rebuild Globally. REBUILD globally is a nonprofit organization promoting prosperity by growing an educated and skilled workforce in Haiti and ensuring a pathway to dignified employment. 

Late afternoon, we will be in the air, heading for home! It'll be nice to be back with friends and family, but a little sad to be leaving Haiti.
- Erik Hanson