Friday, February 23, 2018

Alleluia Haiti Team - Day Five

It's our 5th day in Haiti and we are loving every minute of it. Today was very busy day starting out bright and early at the Church on The Rock. The service was very moving, and also inspiring to see how the Haitians worship and praise God.

Then we prepped and headed out to deliver water to Cite Soleil. Our first stop was greeted with the sight of all the kids running with their hands full of buckets waiting to get filled with water. Playing with kids and filling up all of their buckets with water was an amazing experience. As soon as all the water ran out we had to make another stop for the water truck to get filled up again and then had to go straight to our next location, water truck stop number two! After our second stop of filling up buckets we made a trip to Fleri Farms where we were able to learn about what types of foods they are able to grow! One of my highlights was trying coconut water and sugarcane that they grow! After that we made our last but not least water truck stop! My highlight of the day was visiting all the little kids and deliver water to many families.